Ishida Bungu is a stationary store based in Hakodate, Hokkaido (Northern Japan).  I came to learn of their inks only very recently via discussions of Hakodate Twighlight ad Gagome on the pen forums.  You can buy Ishida Bunga inks at the White Rabbit Express service.  They do not ship outside of Japan.

Gagome is often cited as the pick of the Ishida Bungu ink offering.  There complete line up of inks goes as follows;

  1. Gagome (broen algae)
  2. Hakodate Twighlight (blue)
  3. Winter Dead (grey)
  4. Hakodateyama (green)
  5. Hockey Rouge (red)
  6. School Brown (brown)
  7. Astringent Black? (Thats what Google translate said…)
  8. Yawatazaka Blue (blue)

Gagome is often cited as an alternative to the famous P&M Cigar.  I find it tends more to the grey/green than brown of Cigar.  The stony sheeny colour shifting Gagome is definitely my cup of tea.  I don’t find it brings to mind the brown algae after which it was named, but wonderful nevertheless.  I haven’t used this ink much yet as I just got it, but I plan to load it up into my stubs and flex nibs and will report back in a few months.  So far my verdict is: AWESOME.


Close up of the box and the cap labels…I love the way each of the Ishida Bungu ink caps are all original and made bespoke for each of their inks- clearly a lot of thought have gone into them.

L1280141               L1280142

Here is a sample of Gagome on Hobonichi TR Paper wet-ish sample.  Check out the sheen…


Here is Cigar for comparison…definitely she similarities there…