Ishida Bungu’s Old School Brown is a very flat smoky brown ink.  Looks pretty much like a straight up brown.   It doesn’t have any special colour-shifting Gagome– like characteristics or have any noticeable sheen.  However it does look like it could be the base colour for Gagome.  A Brown Algae perhaps but with none of the magic(!).  In my mind it has some resemblance to Omas Sepia, on Hobonichi paper at least.  I will post comparison pics of the two inks.  I find Omas Sepia a very soothing colour and I find School Brown very soothing as well.

The ink also comes in a very cool box with a picture of a pink colonial-style school building on the front (an old-school school?).


I presume the school is from the Hakodate area though it doesn’t say anything on their website.  Instead it describes the ink as evocative of shady vistas from times past, as well as a sense of history and tradition, and work ethic.  On the bottle there is picture of a lovely old wooden staircase, presumably also from the school on the box.  I hope one day to own a big old house with a big old wooden staircase just like this…  Aside from the ink it makes for a lovely ornament.  Here it is…


And here is the cap…


Here is wet sample on Original Crown Mill mini note cards…


Here is a dry sample on Hobonichi TR paper next to Gagome.


Looking at the sample here, Omas Sepia clearly looks a lot redder but in person it is more of a smokey dark brown like School Brown.


I will try and get a full page TR sample of School Brown and post it up later.