A quick look at my Sailor Pro Gear Realo’s;

  1. Nagasawa Kobe, 150th Yr Port of Kobe Anniversary
  2. BungBox (Bungubox?), Tokyo Metro Ginza Line

I actually can’t remember if these were Special Edition or Limited Edition…either way here they are…


(*All pictures here taken with the snazzy-looking yet very easy to use Leica X)

Pro Gears Galore!

All of the Sailors in my collection as of 2019, are in the Pro Gear family.  Although this was not a conscious decision, it seems I have naturally shed the round-topped-finial-less brethren, in favour of the flat end aesthetic.

I would guess the main appeal of the Pro Gears is to do with the finials themselves, rather than just the flat end shape.  (I myself actually rather like the cigar shapes for Nakaya’s and even went with the round-headed Stramline shape for my Conid Kingsize Bulkfiller, instead of the still tempting flat-end version).  Sometimes Pro gear finials are the standard anchor design, sometimes they are something more unique, for a Special or Limited Edition for example.  Speaking of finials…


Can’t resist a group shot!

You can’t see it so much above, but the Bungbox finial can be quite sparkly, at the right angle…


I’m always hankering after raden pens, particular the Nakaya Milky Way variations, and the Stylo Arts, and the Namiki Vanishing Points…but this Realo is the closest I’ve come so far.  I like the fact that this plain stripe all-over raden finial is quite unique, and quite the departure from all the other LE/SE Sailor finials I have seen, which follow the round inner disk aesthetic of the standard anchor design.

Here is a close-up of the Kobe finial, I think it is a sun-dial..


Why Realo?

The main advantages of the Realo over the more popular Pro Gear Slims (formally Sapporo’s)?

  1. Piston-fill mechanism
  2. Ink Window
  3. Large 21k Gold nib
  4. Large size; larger than the Pro Gear’s Slim and Standard, smaller than the KOP

I prefer larger pens so I find the size and balance of the Realo is much better for me.


Here are the Realos’ uncapped, note the unique nib designs.


Close up of the BungBox REalo nib…


Close up of the Port of Kobe 150th Anniversary nib design…L1330975.jpg

As you can see, the BungBox Realo is plain gold with “Tokyo Metro 90th” written on it- quite modern and simple.  The Kobe has “150th Port of Kobe” written on it over a lovely thick stripe engraving pattern.  Very classy and unique.  Hard to choose between the two, but I think I prefer the Kobe nib design.

Both of these are fitted out with Extra-Fine nibs.  Both are perfectly tuned, super wet and juicy, and show off sheen magnificently.  I like to use the Kobe Port Blue that came with with the pen for the Kobe Realo, and Bungbox Sweet Potato Purple or Kingdom Note Chrysaora Helvola for the BungBox Tokyo Metro.

I’ll try to get some writing samples of both these Realo’s and post them up when I get the chance.  In the meantime here are a few bonus shots…

BungBox Tokyo Metro Ginza Line

Side Profile…


Birds eye- view…


Nagasawa Kobe, Port of Kobe 150th yr Anniversary

Side profile capped…




Two very nice editions to my collection.