Here is a quick look at my new Sailor Pro Gear Angel’s Delight.

First of all, here it is!

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Angels’ Delight, Sailors latest offering in the Pro Gear Cocktail Series line, carries through the semi-translucent looks of it’s predecessors; Tequila Sunrise and Apres Ski.  The semi-translucent material can also be found as far back as 2016’s Blue Lagoon (well, not that far back…).  However instead of the full cap and barrel, Sailor have chosen to go with a white translucent cap only, with a standard burgundy finish resin on the barrel.

It has a similarly standard but not quite matching finish on the purple section- see below;


I find this slightly mis-matched barrel and section a curious combination, but perhaps has something to do with the actual Angel’s Delight Cocktail.  At least I had thought as much, until I actually google-imaged it, and found it to be a candy pink concoction??!

Either way, it somehow works, and even though purple isn’t my colour, though I do like burgundy (and currently have my Angel’s Delight loaded up with Pen & Message Old Burgundy), I have to see I really love the looks of this latest edition to the series.  Much more than last years Tequila Sunrise.

Note the purple finial;


…a change from the Apres- Ski’s cherry finial…

IMG_5830.JPGNote Note the reverse Silver-gold 21k two-tone nib and silver hardware.

Here the nib compared with last years Apres Ski with the usual majority gold-colour Pro Gear two-tone nib…


Speaking of nibs, the Medium nib on my Angels Delight is a real “delight” to write with.  Luscious ink flow, with just a hint of pencil-soft Sailor feedback.  I’m not usually a fan of Medium nibs, and in fact had a mass-cull of the majority of my Medium nibs in my now much-shrunken (highly curated?) fountain pen collection.  Including this new Medium, I now only have a standard factory Medium in my Visconti Watermark, and in my Nagasawa Kobe Pro Gear Slim Suma Rikkyu-Rose.  The later having a similarly glorious Medium nib that can bring out the sheen in even the most un-sheeny inks.

The only other previous edition of the cocktail Series I managed to source was the Apres Ski.  I’m glad I got that as thats a good one.  Almost but not quite as good as the Blue Lagoon.  I have been mulling 2018’s Tequila Sunrise for over a year now, but somehow still haven’t managed to pull the trigger.  And now the prices keep hiking up on the secondary market.  Might have to let that one go, and wait eagerly for 2020’s offering!

It seems  Apres Ski had been made in a Limited Edition run of 800, whereas I believe all the other pens in the Cocktail Series were made in a run of only 300.  Sailor sense they’ve got a hit on their hands with this series, as the Angel’s Delight has a whopping run of 1,500!  And they’re still sold out at pretty much all the on-line vendors I’ve checked.  No doubt next years offering will be in the 3,000 range.  I’m all for that, as it means sourcing my yearly dose of Sailor won’t require a too much digging around, or come at too high a premium.