Since writing my post on the Pan Am special edition Travellers Notebook, Midori Travellers Notebook (MTN), has since spun off into a whole other universe with Travellers Factory.

Here are some items I purchased under the new brand.

My The Superior Labour Travellers Notebook inserts for Passport and Regular.

All nicely packaged from Baum-Kuchen


Here is the Regular Size…


Here is the Passport size…IMG_3031.jpg

And this is what they look like inside…


Lovely natural leather and canvas combination.  Very cool.

I love the little brass plate detail…


They won’t stay this pristine for long…

Some more Travellers Fractory (TFA) stuffs I ordered directly from their online store (which is in Japanese) but via forwarding service White Rabbit Express…


I initially was just after the Mr Softee Limited edition washi tapes, but then ended up getting…

Well, I needed this flask, obviously…


Here is one of TFA large stamps I got, its says “Hello!  I am a Traveller”…



Travellers Factory Mr Softee inserts for Regular and Passport…


This cute coin purse in black leather, which doesn’t hold that many coins, but is nice and small and pocketable…


And this slightly larger but far more useful standard size purse in tan.  I use this everyday to keep my cards and notes…


And finally some Japanese coffee sweets (an acquired taste).


Here is the full list;

  1. Orange ice cream van washi tape Mr softee
  2. Product Name: TF Coffee Candy
  3. Blue ice cream cone Mr Softee wash tape 15mm x 10mm
  4. TF Coffee Bag <S> Light Brown
  5. TF Coffee Bag <S> Dark Brown
  6. TF Leather Card Case Camel
  7. TF Traveler’s Note Refill Mister Softee
  8. Travellers notebook refill- Regular size ice cream cone
  9. TF Traveler’s Note Passport Size Refill
  10. Ice cream cone passport size refill
  11. TF masking tape, Black washi tape
  12. TF Stamp with handle “Hello I am a Traveller”
  13. TF Stainless Bottle Mat Black Coffee Table Trip Coffee thermos matt black
  14. TF Leather Coin Case



Midori Traveller’s notebook; Pan Am edition

Midori Travellers Notebook, Pan Am edition. I used to fly Pan Am, back in the 80’s…
Clear zipper pocket- ideal for stashing those tiny Filofax (Hobonichi!) stickers.
Post- it notes always come in handy
Midori Craft envelopes. Plain paper insert pictured on right.

Midori Passport size notebook

Although I prefer the look of the larger Pan Am edition MTN, I actually find the passport size far more useful.  For one, I never forget where my passport is, I can stash Euro’s in there way in advance for those emergency airport taxi’s, i can keep tickets and other sundry items, and its very pocketable, much lighter, and mine has a leather pen loop too.  The great thing about these travellers notebooks is that you can add or takeaway as much as you want.  It doesn’t sound that useful, but once you have it, you find it becomes indispensable.  Those over- priced plastic inserts are especially useful.  I wouldn’t bother with the fake- midi incepts that people make at home and sell on easy.  They don’t look quite right and don’t fit quite right, so I wouldn’t bother.

As printed on the back, these are actually made in Thailand, not Japan.
Here featuring my pen loop and Pilot Custom 823