Blakwing Palomino

Here are my new Blakwing Palomino “Volumes” John Steinbeck Limited Edition 24.


Appearance:  The packaging on this John Steinbeck Edition is very simple and elegant.  Basically the same as the regular 602’s, but with the simple edition of a slip of onionskin detailing the concept behind this limited edition.

Lead:  I find the lead on these is lighter and harder than on the regular Blacking Palomino Pencils I have (Blacking Pearl White 602), which I find to be very soft and closer to charcoal.  So much so I think there not so useful as a pencil but are instead well suited to drawing, with its shading and smudging capacities.  I much prefer the firmer graphite of this John Steinbeck edition.

The pencil’s themselves unsharpened…


The onionskin detailing the concept behind the John Steinbeck Edition…


Verdict:  Simple, modern and classic.  The best a pencil can be in 2016.

Graf Von Faber Castell

Here are my new Graf Von Faber Castell Pencil’s.  Alas, still no Perfect Pencil.  The difference between these and the Perfect Pencil is the heavy metal cap (is it silver?), integrated sharpener and integrated eraser.

Appearance:  The pictures speak for themselves.  I very much like the look of these.

Lead:  A lighter, harder lead which nevertheless has a nice soft feel.  Goes down nicely on GVFC paper.

Here they are…


Close- up of the ends…



A GVFC pencil resting on it’s GVFC Grain Leather A5 Notebook holder…

IMG_2120Face down in their GVFC pencil-pot…IMG_2104 10.03.10

As you can see, I’ve being going all- out on GVFC Accessories lately…