Pilot Somes

If Bentley made Pen boxes…

Now I’m no Millionaire, but I have been in a modern Bentley, and must say there are striking similarities between Bentley interiors (at least the tan leather/ wood combinations) and these Pilot Somes Pen boxes.  And of course, at a fraction of the price…luxury you can afford.

Here is my review…

Pilot Somes 5 Pen Box

I came across Pilot Somes leather pen cases from a review on You Tube.  I since saw a written review on the fountain pen forums.  Apparently Somes is a saddle- making company based in Hokkaido, Northern Japan.  From what I understand of Hokkaido the population is small and there is an amazing amount of flaura and fauna, as well as many wild horses.  A vast natural landscape not  visited much by outsiders.  Even the Japanese tend only to visit during the ski- ing season.  If I ever go back to Japan, I would love to visit Hokkaido.

Somes teamed- up with Pilot to make a range of leather pen cases from 1,2,3 pen fold- over cases, to a 3-pen mini- folio- type case, and their most impressive item…the 5 pen box below.


The box is actually very light- even filled with your most executive- level pens.  The detailing is immaculate, and the lid isn’t very tight on the base- which makes it easy to retrieve your pens one- handed with minimum fuss.  Very handy when you have papers and un- capped ink bottles all around.  They think of everything in Japan.


The item is immaculately packaged and presented in a heavy black cardboard box with gold lettering.  Very executive- level pen collector.  The box is lined with a soft suede lining and comprises of three separate leather open boxes.  One box acts as the lid- the other two form a second chamber underneath the main pen dividers.  You could store more pens here, or cartridges, ink cloth etc.  Here is is housing my Nagasawa palm rest/ pen rest.


The interior of the box is lined with this nice soft suede.

Here is the Pilot Somes 3-pen case I ordered with it.