I stumbled across Saddleback Leather on the internet and You Tube.  There products have quite a following- mainly in America, but also in the UK.  I have had a number of their products, and have sold some.  The Dopp kit below is a case I wasn’t using much so I sold it.  I had been using it to store some of my fountain pen inks.  All of their products are extremely well made.  The only real downside is the weight.  However, if you stick to home accessories and the like its not really an issue.  They offer all of their products in five different colours.  These are;

  • Tobacco Brown
  • Chestnut
  • Old Coffee Brown
  • Black

The Tobacco Brown is by far my favourite colour, though I also like the Chestnut which looks very classy.

Here is a list of the SBL products I used to own and since sold;

  • Large Notebook, Chestnut
  • Large Travel wallet, Tobacco Brown
  • Messenger bag, Chestnut
  • Slim wallet, Tobacco Brown
  • Bifold wallet, Old Coffee Brown
  • Pouch, Old Coffee Brown

Here is a list of SBL products I still own and use regularly;

  • Belt, Tobacco Brown
  • Large leather wrap, Tobacco Brown
  • Medium leather wrap, Coffee Brown
  • Small leather wrap, Tobacco Brown
  • Small leather wrap, Chestnut
  • Large Travel bag, Tobacco Brown
  • Slim wallet, Chestnut

I actually use the leather wraps (which I meant to act like expensive bubble wrap to protect your camera lenses), as desk pads.  They look very stylish and add a nice cushion to your writing desk.  I use Chamberlains Milk to treat the leather every now and then, which like magic re- hydrates the leather and gets rid of any marks.  When I bought the wraps I forgot to buy the ties, and they then became discontinued, otherwise I would have probably used them to protect my one expensive Leica lens, as they were designed to.

Saddleback Leather Dopp Kit