Kaweco Sport

A quick visual comparison of my two modern Kaweco fountain pens- the AL (Aluminium) Sport, and Sport Brass.  Both have BB nibs, but the AL BB is in Steel, the Brass in 14ct Gold.

Here they both are…


A writing sample.  As you will see there is a BIG difference between the line widths of the Steel and Brass…


Both nibs are very wet, smooth, with no skipping or hard starts.  However, the 14ct Gold nib is one of the nicest nibs I have tried.  It glides across the page and is very pleasant to use.  The Steel is probably more practical and has a nice amount of feedback.  Both nibs are great, with very different characteristics.

A close up of that 14ct BB Kaweco nib.

Small but mighty; Kaweco 14ct BB nib

Kaweco Vintage Sport

A piston- filling Kaweco?  Awesome!