M805 Demonstrator’s

…with and without engravings

Thought I’d upload some pics of my Pelikan M805 Demonstrators, one with, one without engravings (English).  Pictured below chilling out on their Nagasawa pen cushion…


I love the way the rhodium-ised nib looks when capped, like an astronaut…


Here’s the engraved demonstrator (right) filled with Iroshizuku Kosumosu, regular (left) filled with yama budo…


White Tortoises; Pink and…Tortoise




Ok, so only one is “White Tortoise”, I had thought the other would be a “Pink Tortoise”, but as evident from it’s absence in the animal kingdom, it proved not to be the case…

Pelikan M600 Pink


The Pelikan M600 Pink was a limited edition from 2015, the Pelikan M400 White Tortoise was from early 2000’s, I believe.


One of the downsides of the M600 Pink is that it has no translucency whatsoever.  It is completely solid all the way round, so no ink window function on this one.  I really think this pen would have looked a lot better if it was made in a similar vein to the M400 White Tortoise.  Having said that it did come with a very nice straight out of the box super- wet Fine nib.  The 14ct M600- size nib also looks very nice, with it’s sharp, crisp wings.  Much better than the 18ct M800 nib which writes like a nail and looks somewhat less refined, IMO.


Pelikan M400 White Tortoise

I had been meaning to buy the M400 White Tortoise for many years, but never got around to it, so when this came up on ebay at a good price, I snapped it up.  I wanted to get a nice semi- flex Vintage nib for it, but kept getting aggressively outbid on ebay.  I love the shimmery-ness of the barrel; it is completely different to all the other Pelikan birds.


I think both of these models would look fantastic in the M800 size.  I didn’t see the point of the M600 White Tortoise at all as it’s too similar in size to the M400.  I think the White Tortoise finish could even be used in the M1000 size.  It’s shimmery- ness and demonstrator- like qualities would look awesome.

‘Wearing’ the M600 nib

Writing sample of the White Tortoise… (with the M600 nib on it)


and of course the obligatory packaging…



…and I won’t be posting pics of the M600 Pink packaging.