Franklin Christoph

You can see three of my Franklin Christoph pens in my Franklin Christoph Penvelope 6 pen pouch below.  They are…FC Pocket 40 Smoke and Ice- laying across the top and filled with Iroshizuku Chiku-rin, the FC Collegia- 4th from left in silver and next to that my FC 33 Abditus.  This is an interesting fountain pen and won a number of awards for its unique “hidden” design.  For more information please visit  Even if you are outside of the USA, FC deliver for free internationally and goods have always come to me super fast and packaged nicely.  I like the smoke and ice material of the Pocket 40 in particular, and looks great used as an eyedropper as I have below.  The Pocket 66 long fountain pen is even more appealing in this finish, and if you used it as an eye- dropper you would probably never need to fill it with ink ever again.


Franklin Christoph are also great for accessories, and in addition to this Penvelope 6 in boot leather brown, I also bought a very classy 12 pen tray in faux black leather, pictured below.

Franklin Christoph 12 pen tray in black
Franklin Christoph 12 pen tray in black


Edison Menlo Pump- filler

My fountain pen collection USA

  • Edison custom line #76 in black ebonite with fine steel nib
  • Edison custom line Menlo Pump filler in green Harlequin with fine steel nib
  • Franklin Christoph Pocket 40 in Smoke and Ice